With COVID-19 concerns in-mind, we have been closely evaluating how to attempt a return to semi-normal gathering with Quartzsite being our first target. The venue on the BLM lands adjacent to the city-proper provide a good starting point with socially distanced rig positions both at the Plomosa Road location and the Cholla Road location where the Trek gathering is held. Norb West (Central Region VP) has included an initial discussion of concerns and challenges in his article in this issue of the Safari Trails. Ken Bruner called me the other night to see if I could reach out to the Trek community and compare notes on how they will be approaching those same concerns. Ken, never one to hesitate in volunteering where needed, has stepped forward to help with this year's Quartzsite efforts. The Big Tent has been confirmed to be in-place this year and they have taken steps to address safety issues through widened aisles within the tent, one-way foot traffic, mask requirements, vendor plexiglass partitions where sales are completed and limiting total entry volume. I will open a FORUM topic to serve as a central clearing house where you can communicate suggestions, concerns, and plans DIRECTLY to the rest of our members. Watch this space for further developments as we get closer to the January Quartzsite agenda.



If you are a Facebook user, you will be interested to know that we have a pretty active private group page that you can ask to join. We have about 175 members. Click on this link below and answer 3 quick questions. One of our administrators will approve your access.

Click HERE  to get started.



Safari International is proud to announce that we are partnering with a host of other industry leaders in support of the Escapees Club and their efforts to establish an overnight parking etiquette standard.

Click HERE  for a printable / down-loadable copy of the guidelines.

Thank you.

Ken R. Barker
President, Safari International



I have an invitation for all of you who enjoy our rallies or take advantage of coach, travel and club information in our quarterly magazine Safari Trails and on this website.  I invite you to think about taking an active part in your club.

It is an often stated truth that there is never a job left undone at a rally because Safari members will always volunteer.

The same cannot be said for serving the Club as a member of the Executive Board.  Those of us who have served or are presently serving the Club in some capacity will tell you that the comparatively small amount of time spent on Club business is well worth the effort.  The Executive Board, which consists of five National Officers, three Regional Vice Presidents and the Alternate FMCA National Director, is responsible for governing our Club.  Virtually all business is conducted via email.

As a member of the Board you will have a say in the future of Safari International.  You will be working with Board members from across the country.  Over the years I have served Safari International as Regional Vice President and President, I have had the pleasure of working with many people who wanted to do their part for our Club.  All of us have our own personalities which reflect who we are, where we have lived and what we did when we had j-o-b-s.  The two factors that we have in common are a love of the motorhome lifestyle and a desire to do what is best for Safari International.  We do not always agree on what that is, but there can be no doubt that we are all sincere.

If you would like more information about joining us as part of the Executive Board, please feel free to call me or any member of the Board.  Our contact information is available in the “About Us” section on this website and in every issue of Safari Trails.

Bill Trendler, Immediate Past President 




As most of you know, effective with the Summer 2019 issue, our club magazine is now distributed only by email.  An explanation can be found in the “From the Editor's Desk” column found on page 3 of that issue.  You should anticipate receiving your digital copy in an email sometime in the last week of the month - March, June, September and December for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues respectively.  Watch for the new feature called "Remember when". 
 If you have any questions or comments, please contact the editor, Elaine Trendler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




In November, our website hosting contract came up for renewal at a significant increase in cost...this was both good and bad!  Bad in that the cost was going to triple - good in that it encouraged me go do an industry analysis of comparative service providers. Our NEW hosting provider is a long-established US-based company who has a great reputation in the industry....AND charges less for MORE resources provided - with a notable increase in website responsiveness. The transition was accomplished over the weekend of the 7th of November and as you read this, our website is now completely moved into its' new electronic home on the new server. 




We now have a new category in our Forum...actually, THREE new categories. All are viewable by non-members, however, only registered and signed-in members can post to these new categories. The parent category of Classified Ads has three new sub categories - Safari Motor Homes, Safari Related Items, and All Other Items. This last category is where a member may post other brands of Motor Homes, Toads, BBQ’s, Pop-Up Awnings, etc. If you have it for sale, we have a place to advertise it! 




PayPal - We now accept PayPal (no PayPal account needed) for membership applications and renewals.  The PayPal feature provides a secure means to guard your credit card information when you use the online renewal process. No financial information is stored on this site....and PayPal will not retain your credit card information on their site once your transaction has completed.




Safari International has a number of manuals, brochures and files available for you to read or copy.  We have added a "Manuals and Files" menu item in our Members area and are continuing to collect these items from our members.  You can help us by emailing your scanned digitized PDF files to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. PDF files are the preferred file format that we can easily upload....other formats can be converted to PDF if needed.  If you are a member of Safari International, please take a moment to sign into the members only area for more information and to review the additions made to-date.  Come join and participate in this feature.

We have also added some more history files.  We have added the Post-Monaco Sahara and Zanzibar to the history files.  Please go to the Members area and select History of Safari Motor Coaches to check out this new material.




FMCA dues increased effective August 31st, 2019. This was necessitated by a 73% increase in the premium for FMCAssist. The FMCA Governing Board voted to raise the dues in order to keep this very popular program. Their Risk Management committee is still evaluating a replacement program.


New memberships are $85 / year.
Renewal memberships are $75 / year.


FMCA offers a nominal multi-year dues discount, and recently provided a one week special renewal rate at the original $50 / year.

We should take into consideration the total value received from the FMCA Membership Benefits package(s) when viewing this might be a false economy to drop out simply based on cost.




Safari International has recently received permission to use the Safari Motor Coach lion logo from REV Recreation Group, owner of the Safari brand.  We thought now would be a great time to update our ability to order embroidered items and have partnered with the company LogoKick to do just that.  Read more about it by clicking HERE.





Well, at least our mail has.  Please update your records to show our current mailing address as:

338 Country Road 4932
Kempner TX 76539

And from our Membership Director - Please notify your bank if you use auto payment for payment of your membership dues.  Thank you.



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