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Enjoy a little walk down memory lane with this interesting Website Origins article from the Summer 2003 issue of the Safari Trails - we've REALLY come a long way since! Now we have smart phones that have more computing power and storage than the desktop computers of that time.....


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Welcome back!  We've been busy re-organizing and cleaning up your site.  All the photos from the Summer 2018 30th Anniversary Rally in Shawnee, OK can now be viewed using the Photos area from the Main Menu; important notices including words from our current President, Ken Barker, and our past President, Bill Trendler, are found under the News area of the Main Menu;  and last, but not least, when you Login to the Members area you will find several new features there. 

For those who haven't been in the Members area for a while, it might surprise you to find out that we have had an Online Renewal Form complete with PayPal payment interface for a while now (in addition to the fill-in-the-blanks PDF Renewal Form that you can complete online, then print out to mail in with your check if you so choose).....and within the Forums there are several recent new posts as well as an area dedicated to Classified ads.  Check it out!

For our visiting Guests

Welcome!  Please explore our site using the Main Menu selections above.  There are lots of photos, articles and announcements that you may find of interest...and within the Members Only area of the site, you will find manuals, documents and brochures that cover many of the Safari Motor Coach products, a history of the various SMC coaches, past issues of our award winning Safari Trails newsletter and more.

Clicking HERE will give you a look into the latest issue of the Safari Trails quarterly newsletter.

Clicking HERE will give you a preview of the Members Only Directory (use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page).  


If having access as an active member interests you, please take a look at the Membership info page to get started. If you need additional information you can use the Contact Us menu to get any remaining questions addressed.  We look forward to spending time together and getting to know you.









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Safari International is one
of the largest chapters of the
Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). We are an international motohome club with members located throughout Canada and the United States. READ MORE . . .



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